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June 26, 2009, 7:10 am
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Our generation has lost our Elvis. Love him or hate him it is impossible to deny the importance of Michael.

Now I would never class myself a true MJ fan – I consider the people who worship him like the second Jesus as somewhat retarded, but nonetheless I still woke up this morning like many others around the world in a state of shock, is this really happening? First Jade Goody, now this.

I’m sitting here watching the thousands of fans spilling out in front of the Ronald Regan Hospital in LA breaking out into tears (not me, the fans), dancing around and purchasing their RIP Michael t-shirts. I don’t think any of us expected to get out of bed on a Friday morning and see another dead celebrity, I’ve only just got over David Carradine. This is different however; the world had lost someone irreplaceable.

As this is posted everyone seems to be in a state of shock as if he was going to live forever, the crowds in downtown LA are debating whether a somber or party atmosphere is more appropriate. It’s clear to see from everyone’s reactions this morning that the man was well loved. After recently announcing his comeback tour playing over 50 dates in London’s O2 arena there were literally millions of people competing for the 750,000 tickets available, who will no doubt be wondering if it’s too soon and insensitive to ask for a refund, but will no doubt stick them up on Ebay for the simple, grieving masses.

Now that we are taking the opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows of Michael’s career it seems such a shame that his later years were dogged with ridicule (albeit it being really, really funny) and personal tragedy, especially given the amount of timeless music he has given us. Regardless of his actions, words or personal life the man knew how to entertain millions of people and make songs that are going to be played for probably as long as music exists. Whether you like him or not, he made millions of people believe in magic again and will continue to do so long after anyone who reads this article will be around.

1958 - 2009


Sadly when many people discuss Michael the conversation will quickly turn to plastic surgery, noncery and somehow turning from a little black boy into a scary white woman, but many of the older generation remember him fondly way before his brain stopped working as the little party starter of the Jackson 5. Even if he had never launched a solo career and went quietly into the night after the band of brothers split, he would still be widely mourned today for his contribution to music with tracks like I’ll Be There’, ‘ABCand Blame It On The Boogie’.

Although many will deny it, everyone knows and loves at least one Michael Jackson song, from hip hoppers to emo to death metal fans – everyone has an MJ song in the closet where they know all the lyrics and where to throw in a ‘shamone’ or two. And don’t even try and deny that you haven’t attempted to moonwalk or pop that leaning trick he busts out in the Smooth Criminalvideo – and you looked stupid compared to how MJ did it, didn’t you?

To many it still seems like a dream, that this hasn’t really happened and he will soon come moonwalking of that mortuary any minute now, calling us a bunch of mofo’s ‘Bo Selecta’ style. But its real folks – Michael Jackson has left the building.

Friday 26th June 2009. That’s the day the music died. Quite simply boys and girls, there will never be another Michael Jackson. You will be sorely missed. Mayo.

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