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July 16, 2009, 12:32 pm
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Unless you have been living under rock for all of 2009 it’s been fairly impossible not to notice the return of Britpop darlings Blur.

Their headlining act at this year’s Glastonbury festival was the first time the recently reunited band had been on stage together since they last headlined the same festival back in 1998. Now after only a few weeks of acclaimed performances the band, yet again, seems to be calling it a day.

The excitement started back in November last year, when Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon confirmed that they had settled their differences and were ready to reunite the legendary 90’s outfit once more. The announcement of their reunion gig at London’s Hyde Park was met with a flurry of excitement back in blighty and rumours soon circulated that they would be the headliners for the forthcoming festivals.

The demand to see Damon and co was in fact so great that the Hyde park reunion gig sold out within 2 minutes, making the band have to add another date to satisfy the wanting fans after a decade in the dark.

Sure enough the sell out Hyde park gigs were the catalyst to again propel Blur to main stages all around the country. After delivering the sort of headline performance that Glastonbury has come to expect the band encountered some difficulties when preparing for their recent slot at Scotland’s T in the Park festival.

Shortly before being due to go on, Graham Coxon was rushed to hospital with a suspected case of food poisoning, delaying the start of their set for an hour and a half. When co-headliners Snow Patrol heard of Coxon’s plight they agreed to delay the start of their set by an hour in order to buy the band some much needed time. 90 minutes later Blur calmly walked on stage with Damon simply saying “Hi” before bursting into a rendition of their debut single, ‘She’s So High’.

As the song came to an end, Damon offered a fuller explanation of the nights events. “We nearly didn’t make it. Graham literally walked out of a hospital to come here. He’s alright.” Before subtly dropping the bombshell – “This is our last gig”.

At the moment it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what Damon meant and it leaves a lot more questions than answers. Are they breaking up again? Are they taking a break to write new material? Is Damon going back to focus on Gorilaz? At the moment it’s still all up in the air.

Blur reuniting is one of the stories of 2009 as anyone who was lucky enough to see them live will testify. They clearly still have the passion, the talent and most of all the fans, so what would be the sense to walk away from it all now?

Something tells me Blur will be back, and in an even bigger way. Mayo.

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