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September 8, 2009, 6:36 am
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Never one to shy away from the headlines for long, Pete Doherty has recently revealed to Elle magazine that he contemplated suicide in his Parisian hotel room after having a few too many drinks upon the realisation that he had reached the 30-year-old mark.

While (unsurprisingly) out of his skull on vodka and possibly anything else he could get his hands on he revealed how he almost lost the plot and ended up trying to do a face plant from the top of his hotel.

“I had this bash in Paris and it was an absolute disgrace, I just made a bit of an idiot out of myself. We had a right old knees-up. I don’t even know exactly what happened but I ended up trying to throw myself off the top of the hotel. I wasn’t happy at all about being 30.

“I don’t normally drink that heavily. But I went through a bottle of vodka. They presented me with this cake and I pushed it in the chef’s face who’d just made it for me.”

You can watch his brief interview with Elle magazine here. What will the little scamp get up to next, eh? Mayo.

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