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September 9, 2009, 9:04 am
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No one can underestimate the legendary, almost God like status of The Beatles. Seen as one of the most creative and influential bands of all time their popularity is as strong now as ever. The Beatles are loved by – and have inspired – pretty much every generation that has come along after them, but with the release of “The Beatles – Rock Band” game their genius is about to be presented to a whole new digital generation.

Yes, it is essentially Guitar Hero, and yes, Guitar Hero sucks (in my opinion anyway), but this is a game which has shifted over 25 million copies and has a fan following that rivals The Beatles themselves. Combine the two and were going to have the biggest phenomenon to keep teenagers locked in their rooms since masturbation began.

Not only are many people pitching a tent at the prospect of reliving the magic through their computer console, but there is also the news that all of the previous Beatles albums have been digitally remastered for the first time, allowing millions to hear the songs in their modern sounding glory as opposed to the gritty Abbey Road sessions.

In even bigger news, living legend Paul McCartney recently told our buddies at NME.com that the Fab Four’s work could soon be available for download, something which has mirked Beatles fans for years due to the ongoing legal complications with iTunes, EMI, Apple, or whoever else is taking the wrath for holding the Scouser’s work from the masses.

“We were having problems with iTunes – well not iTunes, EMI was the problem with allowing people to download our work, which we would like to see happen because thats how a lot of people get their music” quipped McCartney.

The catalyst for change and finally allowing the Beatles archive to be available online may even be down to the new Beatles game itself, as Paul explains “We kind of bypassed the issue with downloads because now you can do it in ‘Rock Band’. I’ve always liked that, when your told you cant do something and suddenly theres a little route around the back”

Beatlemania? Again? Yes please….Mayo.

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