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About KOKO Asia


KOKO is a venue that provides timeless flamboyance while also embodying everything that is cool and cutting edge about the UK music scene. 

KOKO plays host to megastars such as Coldplay, rising stars such as CSS, legendary sell-out club nights such as Club NME and Guilty Pleasures, not to mention the cream of blue chip brands, A-list charity events and global TV shows. With its stunning blood red décor and state of the art sound system, KOKO is an iconic music venue but so much more besides. In 4 short years KOKO has become an essential brand in the global entertainment industry.

KOKO is the Mint Group’s flagship venue. Since 2004, through a combination of instinctive and innovative management and refusal to play by the accepted rules of what can be done with a concert hall, the dilapidated Camden Palace has been reborn as a legendary music venue that has attracted the attention of the entertainment industry and leading corporate brands world over.

KOKO’s vision of having live music venues around the world will capitalize on creating not just a night out, but to give fans an experience, one that is carefully created by providing a visually arresting yet friendly and inclusive environment in which to enjoy the leading and cutting edge music acts around. It is also an experience that can be enjoyed online with high traffic websites in the UK and Asia, weekly updates to an online social network, live clips and comment. The KOKO digital platform is soon to be expanded in various ways and guises.

The KOKO Asia team comprises of individuals whom are extremely passionate about the region and the music talent coming out of this part of the world. Our focus is to work with partners to highlight to the world the musical talent and showcase this talent via the KOKO and partner platforms.

The website aims to become a platform for local artists/bands and at the same time bring to you cutting edge news and music from around the world.

We encourage you all to get involved and help us bring you the very best in alternative/indie music. Whether you write blog, are in a band, organize events or just want to air your views then we would love to hear from you.

Keep visiting this page for details about new music from the Indie/Alternative scene, an East meets West fusion of talent and sound.

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KOKO London is truly amazing! I can’t wait to work for KOKO ASIA!

Comment by Jason Tsitsopoulos

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